Swift Current can expect to see some light dusting of flurries tonight.

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is forecasting a good chance for flurries in the southwest part of the province. The amount that Swift Current will see should be less than worrisome, not even enough to effectively measure. 

What really has Kyle McCauley, operational meteorologist for ECCC, worried, is the low-pressure system coming into the southeast part of the province. 

"They're actually getting a few centimetres of snow tonight from a low-pressure system in the States," said McCauley. "That's moving up to the northeast."

That system will eventually clear out along with the existing system over Swift Current. 

By Tuesday next week, Speedy Creek should be seeing highs of plus 5 C, with sunny skies. This should make for a comparatively pleasant Halloween Night. 

McCauley expects the winter to really land a stick around sometime in November but has no real data that can offer an exact date at this time. 


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