Update written 6:15 a.m. August 29

A foster family has been found for the bottle-fed kittens that need around the clock care. 

Original story written 4:30 p.m. August 28

The Swift Current SPCA is urgently seeking foster homes for a litter of tiny, bottle-fed kittens that recently arrived at their facility.  

The two-week-old kittens require round-the-clock care and a loving environment explained Amy Dixon, Operations Manager at the Swift Current SPCA. 

"We have some kittens dropped off, we got five of them,” she stated. “They're only about two weeks old, so they still do require to be put on a bottle and have around-the-clock care." 

The local shelter is searching for individuals or families that are able to feed the babies every couple of hours. 

"They need somebody who's able to feed them every two to three hours and do the overall care for them,” Dixon elaborated. “It is just milk in a bottle at this time, but it is five kittens, so it's a little bit of work, and it is 24-7, so that's overnight as well. We do provide everything that you need here from the shelter, and we do follow up with you as often as we can.” 

Finding a loving home environment for the young kittens is crucial for their growth and development, Dixon explained. 

"They don't thrive in a shelter situation when they're this young. They really do need to be more in a home environment where they have that kind of around-the-clock care. So, it really does come into play a huge part of their survival overall." 

Interested individuals can contact the shelter by calling (306) 773-1806 or emailing infospcaswiftcurrent@gmail.com. 

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