March 1-3 skaters from the Swift Current Skating Club took part in the annual Winter Classic Provincial Competition in Kindersley. It was a fantastic weekend of skating with our skaters achieving the following results: 

Bronwyn Baan: Star 2 FreeSkate-Gold, Star 2 Elements-Gold

Tazmyn Banadyga: Star 3 FreeSkate- Silver, Star 3 Elements- Gold 

Casey Brandt: Star 4 FreeSkate-Gold, Star 4 Elements-Silver, Star 5 Artistic-5th 

Kaitlyn Krieser: Star 2 FreeSkate-Silver, Star 2 Elements-Silver

Kayla Millar: Star 3 FreeSkate-Bronze, Star 3 Elements-Silver, Star 5 Artistic-8th

Kate Ogilvy: Star 4 FreeSkate-Bronze, Star 4 Elements-Silver, Star 7 Artistic-Silver

Leah Thompson: Star 2 FreeSkate-Silver, Star 2 Elements-Gold