The Swift Current Comprehensive High School’s Grade 9 classes are banding together to bring Christmas to a local family. 

Teachers, Educational Assistants, and students all gathered together last Friday to discuss how they can make a difference this holiday season.  

Heather Striker, Grade 9 Math Science teacher, said the classes have been participating in events like this every month with a goal to get them connected to each other and the school.  

“The activities have been competition based, so either in individual competition or class versus class,” she said. “We decided that for the month of December it would make more sense that we work together and do something good for somebody who needs some help this time of year.” 

Loralee Orthner, a Grade 9 English Language Arts teacher, said they contacted the Salvation Army about their Adopt a Family program. 

“We were given a family of three, so two parents and a young child,” Orthner said. “They asked for a $600 commitment, which means we would purchase a $300 gift card to go towards groceries, and then the $300.00 above that would be to purchase gifts for the three members of the family.” 

Each of the Grade 9 sections have been accepting monetary donations from students, staff, and family for about a week, with a deadline of December 16 for reaching their goal. 

Striker added that they are also hosting a bake sale today and tomorrow in the high school, selling home-made (or store-bought) goods to other students and staff members.  

“On top of that we have a Guess the Number of Kisses in a Jar with a couple of gift cards inside them as well,” Striker said. "One gift card donated by the Co-op, and [the Hershey’s Kisses donated by Safeway, and then another gift card donated by our Colts football team.” 

The objective is to guess how many are in the jar, and whoever is closest without going over wins all of the goodies inside, with each guess costing one dollar. 

“We are fairly confident that we are going to raise above and beyond the $600 goal that we had set,” Striker added. "So, then the plan with any excess money would be to contact Salvation Army and see what they need."