Three lucky southwest residents are $5000 richer thanks to a new monthly sweepstakes promotion at Standard Dodge. 

Since September Standard Dodge in Swift Current has been running the sweepstakes allowing customers who come in and test drive a vehicle to receive one entry and those that go on to make that final purchase of a new or used vehicle will receive an additional four entries. 

General Manager at Standard Dodge, Jason Dyck explains the purpose behind the new promotion. 

"My idea behind this giveaway was to give back to people who give to us, in a more direct way. You know, everyone needs a vehicle, but we've never been able to give back to people when they have purchased like this ever before."

So, just how much does receiving $5000 unexpectedly mean to someone? These are some of the testimonies that Standard Dodge has received:

"I didn't really expect to win $5000 so I really thought about how I would use it. It will really help with my bills and some of the money I will use to treat my family. $5000 is hard to earn so I have found a way to use it wisely." - September Winner

Dyck says they had a winner come to pick up their cheque the other day. She was in town to do some Christmas shopping and she was invited to the dealership so they could present her with the $5000 cheque. Dyck adds that she was more than grateful. 
"I am still speechless and in shock that I bought a new vehicle and then won $5,000. Winning $5,000 is great any time of year but with CHRISTMAS coming it sure couldn't have come at a better time. We will for sure spoil our girls this Christmas and then use the rest to pay down our loan." - November Winner

With the holiday season just around the corner, these additional funds are certainly useful as Dyck explains. 

"Everything seems to be costing more and more each and every day and especially around the holiday season. Especially at this time of year it definitely helps out."
Assistant General Manager at Standard Dodge, Landin Smith mentions that there are many vehicles and dealerships to choose from when someone is in the market for a vehicle. The $5,000 will go to someone every month as long as we are running the Sweepstakes. When anyone is in the market for a New or Used vehicle, choosing Standard Dodge makes for a fantastic option as there is a possibility to have $5,000 back in their hands!

There is no foreseen end date for this promotion at the present time. To schedule a test drive or start your vehicle inquiry please visit here or call 306-773-9301.