The Town of Gull Lake has completed a rebuild for the local EMS building. 

The EMS building in Gull Lake has been completely refitted with a brand-new parking lot. 

The previous parking lot had become a constant flood risk and was dilapidated. The new upgrade saw the old lot excavated, and rebuilt from the base up, finishing with a brand-new paved surface that is level and no longer prone to flooding. 

The Town of Gull Lake offices. The Town of Gull Lake offices. 

Dawnette Peterson, the administrator for the Town of Gull Lake, shared some insights into the project. 

"The building ... houses both Gull Lake & District Road Ambulance Corporation and Gull Lake Fire & Rescue," stated Peterson. "The parking lot had failed and required a complete rebuild."

The work was done by United Paving, and rang up a total cost of a little over $230,600 for the Town of Gull Lake. 


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