Snow and ice kept highways crews busy this holiday weekend


It seems snow and freezing rain are to blame for several accidents across the province over the holiday weekend.


Highway Hotline representatives say that plows were out in full force for most of the day yesterday sanding and salting roads in an effort to combat the ice.


Doug Wakabayashi with the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure says conditions so far this year have been ripe for the development of ice: "Pavement temperatures are relatively warm for this time of year, so any type of precipitation like snow will melt as soon as it hits the pavement, then you get a layer of water on the road, and as more snow falls, it tends to stick and turns to slush, and as temperatures drop, it turns to ice."


But what factors go into deciding whether to use salt or sand to help battle slippery sections? Wakabayashi says "It's difficult to use salt during a snowfall, because the salt will melt the snow and as more snow falls, it will stick to the road and cause even worse icing conditions."


Wakabayashi strongly advises everyone to contact the Highway Hotline before hitting the road. You can call the hotline at 1-888-335-7623, or click the Road Report link on


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