Family Day was yesterday, evident by both a statutory holiday, and available ice time throughout the city.

Both Fairview Arena and the Innovation Credit Union iPlex were open to the public to take advantage of the time, giving some the chance to have family bonding time.


Local hockey player Samuel was out at Fairview Arena, and said that the extra ice time would give him an opportunity to practice his favourite hockey skill, "going fast", before his next game on the Flyers team.

Samuel's Dad, Troy, said that it was a good chance to burn off energy built up while staying inside due to the weather.

"It's good for the kids to come out, get a little skate in, a little exercise," he said while tying up his daughter's skates. "Since it's been so cold I don't know [if] a lot of them haven't been out at recess so it's good to get some exercise and burn some energy off, It's good that they can do it skating and practice."

Another in attendance, Rylan, said that while he was visiting Swift Current from British Columbia, he enjoyed being able to spend time with his niece Fairview Arena.

"I'm making a round through Saskatchewan to see friends and family, so it's nice to get out from the cold a little bit."

Public skating is available once again today at Fairview Arena from 10 to 11 a.m.