The numbers are in from the Holiday Smile Cookie campaign at Swift Current Tim Hortons locations. 

This year, folks bought an astounding $8,671.50 worth of smile cookies. That means over 5,700 cookies were purchased in support of the Swift Current Salvation Army food bank. 

Blown away yet again by the tremendous support from Swift Current's continuing sweet tooth for charity, Albert Umali, the general manager for Swift Current's Tim Hortons highway locations, is eager to get the donations ready for presentation. 

"Swift Current has always been dependable for charities," said Umali. "We all get to work hand in hand."

Half of that money will be contributed to the food bank, with the other $4,335.75 being donated to the Tim Hortons Foundation.

Umali plans to arrange the cheque presentation to the Salvation Army for December 9. 

"We're working on the presentation right now," said Umali. 

Tim Hortons extends a thank you to everyone who contributed to this initiative by purchasing smile cookies. 


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