Hot weather urges caution and safety for harvest and sparks possible fire bans.

Fire can be deadly in hot dry conditions, especially in open fields full of flammable crops.

That rings doubly true as harvest rolls through the prairies.

Pete L'Heureux, deputy fire chief for the City of Swift Current Fire Department, took the time out of his busy day to expand on those notions.

"Hot dry weather, great for getting the harvest in the bins," established L'heureux. " [But it also] makes for some concerning conditions. For farmers, we've had a pretty good season so far."

This year's harvest hasn't seen an alarming amount of combine fires, but it's still a good idea to make sure water trucks are full, and that fire extinguishers are in working order on all equipment.

There isn't currently a fire ban on Swift Current, but that isn't the case everywhere.

"Many of the RMs around us do have fire bans," said L'Heureux. "If you're headed out to the lake or into a regional park or provincial park this weekend, maybe look into those regional offices. Find out if there's a fire ban in that area. Maybe talk to the parks office and let's make sure we're following the rules and regulations in those areas."

Taking personal responsibility during these conditions over the Labour Day weekend can be simple things like making sure not to leave campfires unattended, properly disposing of cigarette butts, and being careful with any other flammable materials.

"A carelessly discarded cigarette right now can cause major fires in the fields [and because] it's so dry we could have a grass fire that goes for a long way," exampled L'Heureux. "Don't take any chances at all."

Labour Day weekend is a fun last break for the summer and will see many kids unwind from that start-of-school stress with friends and family. There will also be those lucky early birds finishing up their harvests, getting the last of their crops into the bins. If folks remember to maintain safe practices as they celebrate, watch their fires, keeping equipment equipped with extinguishers and water, everyone can enjoy a fire-free weekend.