Two southwest communities are leading the way for the most precipitation collected this week in Saskatchewan.

Lucky Lake leads the entire province collecting 42.9 millimetres since Tuesday and Cypress Hills is third with 39.5 millimetres.

The upper-low weather system created in Montana produced some sporadic precipitation amounts across the southwest.

"It's just swirling around and it's a really slow-moving thing," said Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. "It's just drifting towards Manitoba, all these swirls going on so you get these bands of ongoing precipitation. That's why it's been such a long-lasting event."

Maple Creek only received one-quarter the amount Cypress Hills has at 10.2 millimetres. Lang said that the extreme gap is due to the topography.

"Because it was a northerly wind that was coming in, that provides upslope wind which provides more lift which provides more precipitation," she said. "So anybody over the higher elevations would have gotten more precipitation because of the local effects that were going on with this system."

Cypress Hills recorded about 18 centimetres of snowfall in the last three days.

Since April 30, Assiniboia has registered 21.1 millimetres, Swift Current 14.2 millimetres, Eastend 11.6 millimetres, Mankota 10.1 millimetres, Val Marie 9.9 millimetres, and Leader 8.3 millimetres.

The southwest is expected to receive significantly more rainfall next week starting on Monday. Lang said the region could record 40-50 millimetres between Monday and Wednesday.