The meteorological summer is officially in the books with Swift Current experiencing a warm but dry one.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the city's average temperature across June, July, and August was 18.4 C, above the 138-year normal of 17.4 C. That figure ranks the summer as the 25th hottest on record.

August was the warmest month at 19.1 C, followed by July at 18.7 C, and June which was 17.7 C.

"It wasn't a historic summer by any means for Swift Current," Samantha Mauti, a meteorologist with ECCC, said. "But a generally warmer than normal summer across the prairies.

"[It was] nothing compared to the Arctic though. Lots of places in the Arctic in both Nunavut and the Northwest Territories were having top five of their warmest summers."

As for the precipitation, Swift Current was below normal again at 138.3 millimetres with the 138-year average sitting at 166.9 millimetres. 

"Only receiving about 83 per cent of the normal precipitation for the summer putting them at the 46th driest summer," she said. "Unfortunately, I don't think I have better news for the fall, we're forecasting a drier-than-normal fall."

Almost 40 per cent of that precipitation came within two days, 27.1 on June 3rd and 25.7 on July 11. 

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