Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals continue to be handed out to outstanding Canadians.

These medals celebrate the more than 70 years the Queen served as monarch and her service to Canada during her reign. They are presented to citizens who have made major contributions to their respective communities.

Here in Swift Current, 108 medals were handed out last Friday to volunteers, business leaders, and civil servants who have left their mark on Swift Current and Saskatchewan.

Helping to present the medals on behalf of the province, was the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, his Honour the Honourable Russ Mirasty.

"It's the largest event that we've been to in terms of presenting the medals," said Mirasty. "The atmosphere of the room is so positive, so that makes us feel good when we're able to go to communities and present something so meaningful."

Among those who received their medal last night was Swift Current, Mayor, Al Bridal.

"I feel quite honoured to win this award," said Bridal. "Especially when I stand in this room with so many other well-deserved recipients of the award."

Bridal wasn't the only member of the local government present. For Swift Current City Council Member, John Wall, it was the third time he had been presented with a Jubilee medal. 

"I saw that it was a third medal going on and I thought 'good for you, John'," said Bridal. "[Johns'] spent countless years involved in not just city politics, but school board politics. He's been on the school board since before I got elected to the school board back in the early 90s and has been involved in all sorts of politics in our city and all sorts of volunteerism. I am very proud to be included with the likes of John Wall to receive this award."

Gathered amongst the crowd were friends and family of the awarded. They were able to take photos after the presentations had ended, with many crying tears due to the significance of the recognition their companions were receiving. 

For some, the recognition was doubly impactful. Icasiana De Gala, the executive director for the Southwest Newcomer Welcome Centre, was proud to be presented with the award on behalf of everyone at the Welcome Centre.

"It's great too, being a visible minority, be included in this group of people who are really doing a lot of things for the community," said De Gala. "It's an honour for my family, for the newcomers who are here and of course a big personal achievement also."

Volunteerism was a big theme amongst those being awarded. Those who donate their spare time and energy to helping improve the community that surrounds them are always appreciated, and the Queen made sure they would be appreciated in these ceremonies as well.

For Shaun Hanna, co-owner of Nightjar Diner Co. in Swift Current, this was a great night to witness those elements shine.

"The 108 business, community and volunteer leaders really speaks volumes to the quality of the people of southern Saskatchewan," praised Hanna.

Another major component was the business and commerce crowd. Folks like Karla Wiens, the CEO of the Swift Current Chamber of Commerce, were awarded for their efforts in strengthening and supporting local businesses and the economy.

"It's the job of the Chamber of Commerce to facilitate business and commerce in and around Swift Current," said Wiens. "A recognition like this is really on behalf of my Chamber team, so I'm very pleased to accept it on behalf of our entire organization."

The medal itself is made of copper, coated in nickel. It is 32mm in diameter, with two faces. The first face depicts her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and the second bears the Saskatchewan Shield of Arms. Inscribed upon the front, with Her Majesty, is the phrase "VIVAT REGINA" meaning "Long live The Queen". 

Below is a list of medal recipients. 

Jean Allen                             Evan Gordon                AndrewO' Donohoe
Dawn Anaquod                 Richard Goulet                  Devon Oman
Helen Arnold                        Shann Gowan                Nolan Paradis    
Destin Ash                            Larry Grant                  Terry Pavely
Glenn Baxter                        James Frank Green            Judy Peifer
Laura Beddome                   Archie Green                Leah Perrault
Jason Berner                       Abhishek Gupta            Denis Perrault
Kim Bilanski                         Linda Hall                    Dale Perry
Cecile Blanke                      Shaun Hanna                Intheran Pillay
Iris Bonaise                         Gail Hapanowicz            Jackie Powell
Johnathan Bouchard          Marsha Harkins                Jim Pratt
George Bowditch                Elwin Hermanson            Stephanie Prpick-Boss
Al Bridal                               Ryan Scott Hunter            Larita Ramlakhan
Philip Brown                        Marilyn Jahnke                Todd Riche    
Sharon Bucsis                     Larry Johnson          Kevin Ritchie (posthumous)
Andrew Cartmell                Marlene Johnson            Rodger Ruf
Victor Carulei                      Krista Kelly                Michael San Miguel
Erin Clifford                         Andy Keys        Reg Schellenberg (posthumous)
Christopher Costley           Stan Knight                Rodney Schoettler
David Lee Crowley             Peggy Koethler                     Shannon Stewart
Anthony Curti                   Gwen Kowalski                Randy Stokke
Barry Cuthbert                   Larry Kuntz                    Jason Tangen
Icasiana De Gala                Guy Lagrandeur             Neil Thorne
Keith de Ronde                   Scott Lamb                    Peggy Tuchscherer
Garner Deobald                  Edna Laturnus                Kenton Unruh
Tim Dlouhy (posthumous) Stan Lautsch                Renatta Varma
Kimi Duzan                         Alison Lewis                John Wagner
Sharleine Eger                   Harold Martens (posthumous) Alive Wald
Howard Ellis                       Luigi Mazzotti                Betty Waldner
Laurel Feltin                       Penny McCune                 John Wall
John Feser                      Lori McDonald                John Watson
Donna Fiset                Norman McFadden            Jayda Watson
Shauna Friesen            Arlen McKenzie                Tom Westbury
Kurt Fuchs               Trent Michelman                Nathan Wiebe
Michael Gering           Gregory Nagel                Ann Wiebe    
Madhurja Ghosh           Curtis Nelson                Karla Wiens 
Jeffery Giesbrecht           Norm Nordgulen              Rod Wiens (posthumous)