Farmers rejoice, the rain has arrived in southwest Sask.

Swift Current in particular could see as much as 30 millimetres over the next four days, with today alone expecting between five and 10 millimetres. 

This system is gracing the prairies as it drifts in from central Alberta. According to Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist, Stephen Berg, it has the potential to bring the snow back for a springtime revival tour. 

"Especially over the Cypress Hills just towards the end of the week," predicted Berg. "The Cypress Hills might get around 5 to 15 centimetres of snow."

The moisture will go a long way to helping the local agricultural scene. While not enough to end the drought status by a long shot, any bit of moisture helps to alleviate the dry conditions.  

For the near future, the chance of similar systems hasn't been ruled out. Berg states that these systems are common enough, and even the snow can't be ruled out in the coming weeks. 

"Snow can happen through a good chunk of May, in your neck of the woods," said Berg. "It's hard to say at the moment whether this is all done."