Reading is an important part of any person's educational foundation, no matter where they are from.

That's why here in the southwest, it's become a tradition to honour Literacy Week in the City of Swift Current, as basic literacy becomes the focus in the community.

Literacy Week focuses on making sure that not only children and young people are learning to read, and being provided with materials to learn with, but also any adults who need help brushing up their skills.

Bula Ghosh, a member of the Southwest Literacy Committee, helped to present Literacy Week before city council for proclamation.

"Great Plains College in partnership with Southwest Literacy Committee will be celebrating International Literacy Week from September 4 to the 10," said Ghosh. "Particularly the International Literacy Day, which is celebrated all across the world on September 8."

Ghosh wasn't alone at council, also joined by the Chinook Regional Libraries Director, Kathryn Foley.

"Chinook Regional Library is a proud partner of the Southwest Literacy Committee," said Foley. "Southwest Literacy Committee and its members offer family literacy, early learned years literacy, and post-secondary programs to promote literacy throughout the southwest."

The two organizations have partnered for over a decade to bring literacy to households all across the southwest, handing out reading kits for children as young as four months old. Those kits work by providing parents with stories to read to their children, to help promote literacy at an early age.

As Literacy Week continues, folks are encouraged to pick up a book and read it. It doesn't matter if it's an old favourite, a new book, or your first time attempting to read an entire novel. Reading promotes learning, which promotes a strong mind. It's never too early or too late to learn to love literature.