With massive rainfall in the area, farmers in southwest Sask. are enjoying the forecast for the time being.

Over the last few days, producers around the southwest have been graced with rain exactly as they needed it for seeding. This means that they will have a leg up compared to the last eight years of drought when it comes to growing their crops. 

For Melanie Leppa, an agrologist with Soils and Such Agronomy, this has meant she has had a chance to relax as the rain has put a pause on further field-related progress.

"It's given us a nice break for everybody to kind of get organized," said Leppa. "Once it dries up, weeds are going to grow, crops are going to grow, everybody's going to be trying to get the crop in the ground as fast as they can because the crop that's already seeded will grow rapidly now."

From what she has observed, the rain hasn't only improved the growing conditions, but that of the mood with local farmers. 

"They're going to feel a lot better about putting the crop in the ground this year," said Leppa. "They'll definitely get a good crop established." 

While this head start on moisture for the year is a boon, she expects that more will be needed. Soon enough, as the plants begin to grow and temperatures continue to warm, water will be imperative to the continued growth of crops. 

"This is definitely a good dent in what they call the drought and everything will be established now," said Leppa. "That will make it easier for growers to make decisions going forward."