A presentation advocating for those who are living with disabilities will be coming to Swift Current in a couple of weeks. 

Maverick High School will be posting the presentation on Friday, May 24 at 10:45 a.m.

Georgia Drummond with Southwest Homes has worked in the disability sector for over three years and is passionate about helping and giving a voice to community members. 

"There are tons of people that have mobility issues within the community and people with disabilities that can't access certain places or find it really difficult to get around, especially when they're using a mobile aid," said Drummond. "A lot of our sidewalks are in really bad shape and they don't have the dips."

"I've witnessed people pushing themselves down the street because they can't get up onto the sidewalk and issues like that."

Drummond notes that she'll be talking about ways to make the community more accessible, ways people can help, and a history of treatment of people with disabilities.

"I see a lot less awareness here than in other cities that I've worked in so I'd love to just raise that," she added.

The presentation will not be open to the public, anyone looking for more information can email Georgia Drummond at gshellena@gmail.com.