A collection of heirlooms has recently been uncovered at a Swift Current second-hand store.

While accidental donations happen quite often, this kind of discovery in the drop-off bins is a bit unique. 

Manager of MCC Thrift Shop in Swift Current, Keefe Spence, said one of their volunteers came across a collection of family photos and portraits that date back to the 1920s.

"We just kind of thought like, 'Hey, that's pretty cool,' and began a process of trying to track down the original owners," he said. "Sometimes family members are clearing out an estate and they just kind of grab stuff in bulk and bring it on to us...big stuff like this doesn't happen all the time."

Spence said that typical tracking-down methods include internet searches, word of mouth, and social media. 

Through their own investigating for this particular case, the names Grout, Peters, and/or Gerbrandt were found as possible family names.

Anyone who thinks the photos might belong to their family is encouraged to reach out to the thrift store. 

Pictured below are only a small amount of the ones in the store's possession; most are smaller, and a few are in paper frames in a very old envelop.

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