The Comrades Forever Motorcycle Club has reached an end to their seasonal riding conditions, but they’re not quite done helping communities.  

The veteran motorcycle organization has been known to tour through communities across the southwest and raise money for local charitable organizations. Their cause is to raise awareness about veteran PTSD and prevent suicide in those affected by it. 

Steve Stanford, president of the Swift Current Charter of Comrades Forever MC, was a part of many fundraisers throughout the year. 

“In the summer we had a campaign for the Swift Current Salvation Army Food Bank,” stated Stanford. “We collected over $400.00 for the food bank at that time; we went out and basically bought all the on-demand items that the food bank was requiring, and delivered it directly to them.” 

The club also did a burger fundraiser in Gull Lake for the Gull Lake Legion and raised over $900, which will go towards operating costs, the Remembrance Day service, and the annual Gull Lake Legion Scholarship. As far as events in the future go, Stanford explains the club has no plans of slowing down. 

“The Air Cadet Squadron in Swift Current has always done overnight vigils in the past,” said Stanford. “We also volunteered our time to do the overnight vigil. We've done that last year, we'll do it again.” 

Stanford encourages people to reach out to the club for help with their charitable causes, and for veterans to seek them out for brotherhood. 

“You don't need to be a member of a club to reach out or anything like that, we like to help out all veterans where we can,” explained Stanford. “A lot of us in our motorcycle club do have PTSD, so we help each other out a lot. Some guys get out there, they feel isolated, they have nobody, and that's a big part of our club... If our club did not exist, there would be some guys who would be isolated and just at home and who knows, they might not even be here today. We save each other's lives; we've done it, we've seen it, and we'll keep on doing it.” 

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