The Innovation Centre was home to a host of different guests last Friday. 

Almost every one of those guests who came out to the Homefield People and Strategy Lunch n Learn was able to walk away with new insights into hiring and retention. These key issues were the topics broken down for employers looking for solutions to the modern employment market. 

That wisdom was dispensed by Patrick Friesen, a consultant for Homefield People and Strategy. He spoke at length on how to employ different hiring strategies, and on what works in today's market. 

"We talked about finding some of those hidden workforces that might be there," said Friesen. "Whether those are in different age categories and different abilities. Looking for people that may traditionally not be  employed as readily."

Friesen discussed how at Homefield, they often find these alternative hiring sources for clients. Thinking outside the box, and breaking a pattern of thought when it comes to hiring often leads them to success where others have faltered. 

He also spoke to how when interviewing in today's market, there needs to be an inversion of the classic hiring dynamic. 

"Flipping that mindset from saying we anticipate that the applicant is coming to us, to how about us going to them?" said Friesen. "How about us treating them a little bit more like a customer and their experience with us is a bit more personal and that we're really trying to treat them as someone who's already valued even before they start working for us."

Friesen didn't reveal all the tricks and tips he had from the presentation, but he said the full Lunch n Learn went well with people paying rapt attention. 

He encourages anyone looking for similar solutions to these or other problems to reach out. Folks can log into and contact them to set up a meeting or discussion.