The Town of Maple Creek will be borrowing funds to help pay for a new swimming pool, with hopes of construction teams breaking ground in early July. 

The town will borrow $3.2 million in total, with a promise to pay off the loan within 25 years. It is projected that the project will be finished in time for the summer of 2025, meaning swimming could be back for residents of Maple Creek. 

Maple Creek’s Mayor Michelle McKenzie has been working on the swimming pool project for the last four years.  

“The decision to borrow the funds to finish the project was made about six weeks ago,” she stated. “There's been major fundraising that has been done already, so there's about $1.36 million already raised to build the pool.” 

Town council is now open to receiving feedback about the financial decision, with hopes to create a public discussion on the topic. Before construction can begin, the town will need to have boring bylaws approved by the Saskatchewan Municipal Board. 

“Maple Creek Council and administration has given good consideration on the impact that it's going to have for the residents of Maple Creek,” said McKenzie. “With some good financial planning, borrowing the funds is not going to have any impact on the residents through taxes or levies.” 

According to Mayor McKenzie, there are several grants and programs which the town will be eligible to receive, but the construction must begin before the application process. The funds from the grants and the pool’s revenue are going to help pay off the loan, ensuring that it will not affect taxes. 

“I really appreciate everybody's insight whether it's for or against a pool; everybody's voice is valid, and the concerns need to be addressed,” expressed Mayor McKenzie.