The long weekend saw a long line of vehicles turns up for Motocross in Swift Current. 

At the local track off the North Service Road, folks came out with their bikes, trailers, and trucks to completely fill the parking. Once they had assembled, they were able to first start the fast-paced weekend on Saturday with the track practice day.

Helping out and practicing himself was Cole Conn, a professional rider from Swift Current. 

"I get a feel for the track as there are a few small changes," said Conn. "I try and keep it in between warming up and then not getting too tired and sore for tomorrow." 

Conn was able to encourage others whilst getting ready for the following day, which saw the races start. 

Conn was able to race in Pro MX3 to start, before a few more later in the day. He got started with a good run, which led to a fairly confident day for the experienced rider. 

"I won the first moto there," said Conn. "That's the first moto of the day. It's always good to start off with a win." 

There was a variety of races taking place during the day for many different experience levels, from the youngest and freshest faces to the older, more hardened veterans of the sport who showed off with some huge jumps. 

"There's definitely some fast kids here," said Conn. "We'll see what the afternoon brings, but I think the track holds up."

The day was broken down into two separate halves, with folks being able to race twice in the morning and then twice in the afternoon. That meant that the majority of the day was filled with he sound of dirtbikes tearing up and down the slopes, vying for positions. 

There were a few injuries during the early races, as the younger competitors took some rough landings. When you strap in to take a run, it's always important to remember that there is a risk of injury and that it's okay to take smaller leaps and slower runs while getting acquainted with the track. 

That said, there were plenty of big rips, jumps, and ferociously fast movers out in the dirt, taking big risks for bigger air. 

Folks are encouraged to come out if they are interested in learning more about the sport o if they just want to watch big air out on the track. 

More information on the Swift Current club can be found online here