McHappy Days had a supersized turnout in Swift Current, raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). 

Packing the drive-through and filling the store, Swift Current came out in force for the national charity fundraiser, managing to pull together over $4,000. 

General Manager for the Swift Current McDonalds, Neil Boehm, was thrilled to see the community's strong turnout. 

"Everybody was just excited to get this started off," said Boehm. "All the staff were enjoying themselves, and the customers were really cheerful towards everybody. It's just nice finally being able to have a big McHappy Day after the past few years."

Outside of the regular customer base placing consistently large orders, there were other forms of support. Employees from the Swift Current Mcdonald's managed to decorate the entire venue in anticipation of those coming in for the event. An Employee from the RMHC came to the store to help out with another volunteer. There were also members of the local RBC who came in to sell hearts for McHappy Day. Finally, members of the Swift Current Fire Department came in to sell socks for McHappy Day. 

"It was really fantastic actually seeing the community come together to push on something like this," said Boehm. "It was one of our busiest days so far this year."

For anyone who doesn't already know, the way MCHappy Day works is that 10 per cent of the day's sales at Mcdonald's Locations go towards the RMHC. That money is used to help families looking to stay near hospitals where their children or other family members are receiving treatment.