As the final court case in the murder of Logan Ring wrapped up earlier this week, his mother hopes she can finally move forward remembering her son in a positive light.

Ring's mother Cindy McEwan wasn't able to attend the fifth and final court sentence on Tuesday, which was for Jolene Epp due to health concerns, but at least now she doesn't have to experience the constant trauma of the gruesome details.

"It will never be okay, I don't have my son, I don't get to see him ever again," she said by phone on Wednesday afternoon. "You get a little bit forward and a little bit of healing and then boom another bloody trial. So it's all brought back up and all the same things of what they did to him is brought back up. Maybe now I can forget how he died and focus on how he lived."

Although she wished all five people connected in the murder had been convicted of second-degree murder, she understands the court process, but pointed out the kind of weaponry involved goes well beyond just 'roughing someone up.'

"It was never about what anybody thought they deserved, it was what they could prove in court," she explained. "And what they got is better than them walking, in my mind.

"I think they should have gotten more but they didn't. I've come to the acceptance of they got what they got and they will get what is coming. But not in the fact that I'm going to retaliate and be malice, I'm just a true believer in karma. It may not even be in this life, it may be in another, but it always comes back to us."

Even though Epp received the lightest sentence out of the group (just a year and 251 days), McEwan believes she deserves just as much scrutiny as the others involved.

"Like I said for Jolene, to me as a mother we're supposed to be the voice of reason," she said. "She could have stopped this at any time point in time, saying look maybe you guys should sober up and we'll think about it... And if she got out of the car and started screaming 'oh my god you guys are taking this too far' it would have jarred them for a minute, going 'ya maybe we do'. But no she didn't."

Ring survived a lot of tough moments in his life according to his mom, but she said he always made sure his child (Axel) and his mother were looked after no matter the circumstances.