The City of Swift Current has set in motion a plan to hand over the land upon which the Swift Current SPCA resides. 

For the steep price of $1, the SPCA will be able to acquire the land they have been operating on since April 12, 1990. The initial lease price was set for a dollar per year, the minimum required amount, for a 30-year term. The land itself has been in the possession of the City of Swift Current since 1958.

The idea behind the transfer of land is to facilitate the SPCA's ability to apply for grant money, in an effort to further their goal of upgrading their facilities. 

Jim Jones, CAO for the City of Swift Current, was excited to help get this matter moving and bring the notice of motion before city council last night. 

Jim Jones, CAO for the City of Swift Current. Jim Jones, CAO for the City of Swift Current. 

"As the necessity for online services has increased, including the need for additional capacity, it becomes apparent that the current facility requires numerous updates to ensure that it complies with updated building codes," said Jones. "And so that it can provide the best standard of care to animals in its shelters."

The plot of land is located in an M1 - Light Industrial District and has a plot size of roughly 3.8 acres. This land, one in possession of the SPCA< will be more than capable of housing their planned facilities, which will include capacity for more shelter spaces, veterinarian offices, and even a pet crematorium. 

"Given the size and location of the property, it is not considered saleable land or a desired area for other development within the City," said Jones. "Transfer of the property allows for the SPCA to expand its current facility, apply for grant funding, and provide the potential for future financing options."

If anyone would like to take after the City of Swift Current's example and support the SPCA in this endeavour, they can reach out to the shelter with donations of cash, pet supplies like food or toys, or anything else that helps them further their operations and ambitions.