Mother's Day in Swift Current was marked with the burning of un-leaded gas as a parade of cars wound through the city. 

The Rogue Cruisers Mothers Day Cruise saw plenty of mothers not only watching the 70 odd cars that joined in roll by but quite a few riding along in the actual show. 

Beginning at the Living Sky Casino, the various hotrods, classics, and project rides went for a trip around Swift Current to various care homes. There, mothers, grandmothers, and even a few stepmothers watched as friends and family paraded past them in fully restored, all original, and even a few custom cars and trucks. 

This Mother's Day Cruise was also in support of breast cancer awareness, for both those still fighting and survivors of the disease, as well as those who sadly have passed away from the disease. 

Riding in with the Mother's Day Cruise were both Shelley Vipond and Janet Schultz. Both of these mothers are married to petrolheads and are raising a new generation of automotive enthusiasts. 

"This has always been one of our favourite cruises to go support the care homes, the breast cancer awareness, and just to see everybody because we haven't seen them all winter," said Vipond. 

This community effort to share the joy of shined-up paint and polished chrome as it rumbles down the road with those who in many cases can no longer drive themselves is always well attended. Friends and family gather together to enjoy not only their own cars but also to talk and discuss the community's various projects that emerge for these cruises. 

The big draw for Schultz is that. The family and friends that come together in the car community are as big a draw as any other aspect of the cruise.

"I think we are fantastic at building our Rogue Cruisers inclusive community," championed Schultz. "Shout out to all the moms out there. This is a great day to celebrate a good cause with breast cancer awareness and just celebrate our fun, fantastic car community." 

Anyone who missed out on this particular cruise, be that cause of their own Mother's Day plans or other factors, is in luck. Not only do the Rogue Cruisers meet up at the Living Sky Casino every Tuesday, but they also host other cruises throughout the year.

"We just invite all of everybody to come out every Tuesday to the casino and join us and join the big family we have here," said Vipond. 

Tomorrow's car show is, as always, free to enter and free to attend. Folks can start to show up at 6:30 p.m. at the Living Sky Casino. Just watch for the Rogue Cruisers flag and signage to see where parking has been set up.