Swift Current will be adding more regulated child care spaces at a new daycare early in the new year.

Little Sunshine Early Learning Centre has been approved for funding of 45 children through the Canada-Saskatchewan Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.

Manivannan Mohan, owner of the Little Sunshine Early Learning Centre, said he's experienced the high demand for childcare services in Swift Current.

"We decide to open child care because so many people, they're waiting for a two year and three-year still they can't get [services in Swift Current] and they have to drive to the neighbour community," he said.

The facility that will house the new child care spaces will be located at 311 2nd Avenue Southeast at the old Riya's restaurant location. Before opening, the centre will undergo significant renovations.

"We're just waiting for all the renovations [to be done]," he said. "We just applied for the development permit. So, we're expecting that this week."

His hope is they can open Swift Current's newest child care learning centre sometime in February if the construction stays on the current timeline and they receive the green light.

The facility could also add between seven to nine jobs.

"This is not only the caring of the child, this is caring of the family," he said. "When a child is in a safe place, the mom and dad, they can go out [to work]. That's going to be an improvement for the community."

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