The charming town of Maple Creek was transformed into a winter wonderland earlier this year, making it the perfect setting for a holiday movie.  

A Cowboy Christmas recently released its trailer.

Mayor of Maple Creek, Michelle McKenzie, said watching the two-minute preview into the film was an experience beyond words. 

“When you see it, as being part of the extras and having the part as the mayor in this film and seeing behind the was like, wow,” she said. "There was a line in the Daily Grind when she said, ‘Hey, that's mine,’ I was part of the extras in the back, and we watched [that scene] about six or seven times.” 

Residents from all over the area were encouraged to take part in the film as extras, such as walking in the background or sipping a cup of coffee. 

The cast and crew shot their scenes in the town during March, so they had to bring the Christmas spirit back to the main streets with trees, lights, and ornaments. 

“When I looked at that, just a glimpse of the Main Street, I said, ‘That's Main Street. That's my Main Street.”

While the filming process in itself was exciting for everyone involved, the finish product is set to hit the big screen just in time for the holidays this year.

McKenzie explained that when the town was approached with the opportunity, they were told the first showing of A Cowboy Christmas would be right back where it all started.

"The Town of Maple Creek is working on the premier red-carpet event," she said. "We're going to do it three days. The first on October 13th; the red carpet, the highlight of everything; all the proceeds for that are going to our pool fund. Then on the Saturday, Sunday, we're going to have it again, and the proceeds for that are going to go to decorations for our downtown core."

After seeing their downtown core decked out to the maximum, residents want to bring back the magical feeling for the Christmas season going forward. 

"We were thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity for Maple Creek," said McKenzie. "Because again, we knew there was going to be extras...but not only that. We're now cementing ourselves and immortalizing ourselves in history."

Watch the trailer below:

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