The number of active cases of COVID-19 in the province saw a double-digit drop in the Sask Health Authority’s daily update Monday afternoon.

There were 130 active cases heading out of the Easter long weekend.

With 14 more recoveries, compared two the confirmation of two previously-presumptive cases, that number has dropped down to 118 active cases.

There have now been 178 recoveries overall.

As well, no more cases are considered presumptive, pushing that number to 300 overall reported cases.

Of those cases, 131 have been linked to travel. The number related to community transmission/mass gatherings is at 120. 27 cases have unknown exposures, while 22 are still being investigated.

Looking at the case numbers by region, the south section of the province still has 15 reported cases and nine active cases.

Graphic provided by the Government of Saskatchewan.

Breaking the 300 cases down by age, the most (129) are still in the 20-44 age range. An even 100 are in persons 45-64 years old, 50 are in the 65-plus range, and 21 cases are in individuals under the age of 20.

There are also now eight people hospitalized, though none are in the ICU.

The Sask Health Authority has now performed nearly 20,000 tests – their mark of 19,804 still gives them the second-highest per-capita rate of testing among provinces in Canada.