It's been a month now since Taillight Tuesdays began in Swift Current.

The weekly event sees the Rebel Cruisers Car Clun inviting everyone out to show off their cars, trucks, vans and other automotive transports. 

The event is free to attend, both for folks bringing their rides and for those coming to walk around the Living Sky Casino parking lot to admire the chrome. 

One of the organizers is Corey Shultz, one of the founding members of the Rogue Cruisers Car Club. 

"It's definitely grown more than what we had anticipated," said Shultz. "We're just extremely excited that there's new stuff and new people here every week."

Each month this summer, Taillight Tuesdays will be accepting donations towards one non-profit in Swift Current. For May, that non-profit was the local SPCA.

"The month of May was pretty awesome [for donations]," Shultz said. "We had some cat food, dog food, and printer paper. They had a list that they gave us with some stuff they needed." 

With last night's donations, the total donated to the SPCA was just over $1,800, along with various food and toy donations. 

The turnout for the monthaversary was massive, with more than 80 cars making their way into the casino parking lot throughout the evening. Everything from mint condition classics, rebuilds, rat rods, classic muscle, modern muscle, sports cars, imports, chopped low riders, square bodies, farm trucks, resto-mods, touring, offroad, sedans, vans, mudders, and even a few race cars were in the show. 

"If you're coming out for June, we're going to do a draw again for some kind of neat door prize every week," said Shultz. "You can put your name in and we'll draw at the end of the month."

Folks who haven't been able to make it out to the show yet are in luck. Taillight Tuesdays will be roaring to life again next Tuesday, with the donations once again going towards the SPCA. 

Shultz hopes to see everyone coming by and stresses that so long as you love your ride and are proud of it, you can bring it down to show off. 

"If you enjoy your car, your truck or your half-ton, your VW, your scooter, whatever it is, bring it out," encouraged Shultz. "There's no charge. We're just hoping that we can make some donations for the charity of that month."