Renovations are well underway at the old Buffalo Brew Pub building in downtown Swift Current, as a switch in ownership brings in a change of business. 

The beloved sports-style bar and off-sale are undergoing significant changes, promising an exciting transformation for patrons.

Trevor Feict, co-owner of Urban Cellars Swift Current, is one of the locals to now have a key to the 1st Avenue Northeast business.

"Once we're done renos on the liquor store we will then open the doors to the future tenant on the restaurant side," he said. "We'll leave the excitement of that news up to that tenant. We don't know exact plans and timelines and details. We do know it will be a welcome endeavor in Swift Current."

An additional Urban Cellars location is taking over the old off-sale space, with a facelift being made to match the atmosphere and theme of the Central Avenue North liquor store.

Feict expects work will continue on for about another month before things are fully operational out of that portion of the building. Despite its slightly smaller size, it will maintain the stellar selection that patrons have come to expect from Urban Cellars.

The shift in ownership and the forthcoming changes have generated buzz within the community, and residents are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on developments in the transformation.

"We're really happy to be able to take a legacy that's been built for years by a local group here in Swift Current with Boney and the previous partners, something that's been built up here, and continue to run with it."