Residents in the province began to see their Saskatchewan Affordability Tax Credit cheques arriving in the mail last month. 

With approximately 900,000 Saskatchewan residents set to receive the credit, many individuals have received their cheques, while other residents are still anxiously waiting. 

We asked our readers in a non-scientific poll to let us know whether or not they had received their cheques, and what that money would be going towards. 

Putting the money into savings as well as using the funds for the holidays were high on the list, but an overwhelming majority said they would be using the$500 for bills and debt. 

pie chart

Have you received your Saskatchewan Affordability Tax Credit? 

  • Of the 775 responses we received on our first question:  
  • No represented 422 votes (54.5%) 
  • Yes represented 342 votes (44.1%) 
  • I haven’t checked represented 2 votes (0.3%) 
  • I’m not eligible represented 9 votes (1.2%) 

How do you plan to spend your $500 tax credit if you are eligible? 

We received 477 responses to our second question in the survey, which let people give their own answers. From those responses we learned: 

  • 165 people said they would use the money to pay off debt and bills 
  • There were 52 people who said they would be using the funds for holiday shopping and expenses related to the holidays 
  • 13 people intend to split the money between bills, groceries, and Christmas 
  • 40 respondents said they would be saving the money 
  • 62 people said they would use it for necessities such as groceries, and medical expenses 
  • 22 individuals said it will assist them with the increasing cost of living  
  • 12 people weren’t sure how they would spend the money 
  • 11 people said they would split it between necessities and bills 
  • Two individuals plan to invest the $500 
  • Nine respondents said they would be using it for vehicle maintenance and repairs 
  • 11 said that they would donate the money 
  • Five people plan to use it for schooling/education 

The results from the survey were gathered on the evening of December 6, at approximately 10 p.m.