New Year's resolutions are a tradition in many households across the world, allowing individuals to set goals for the upcoming year. 

A resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something” according to Oxford Languages Dictionary, with many people focusing on personal habits or  

We asked our readers in a non-scientific poll to let us know if they had set a New Year’s resolution and how it’s going for them so far. 

Did you make a resolution this New Year's? 

Of the 15 responses we received on our first question: 

pie chart

  • Yes represented nine votes (60%) 
  • No represented six votes (40%) 

Have you managed to keep your resolution so far? 

Of the 11 responses we received on our second question: 

pie chart

  • Yes represented 10 votes (90.9%) 
  • No represented 1 vote (9.1%) 

The fourth question of the survey allowed people to tell us what resolutions they had set for this year. We had eight responses. 

Two individuals said that their resolution had to do with diet, one person said their resolution was to be on time more often, and one individual said that they would no longer be spending frivolously. 

The results from the survey were gathered on January 12, at approximately 6:30 p.m.