The rain has been a welcome site in areas where this year's crop is in, but its also delayed seeding for areas like the southeast where only 80 per cent of the crop is in.

Crops Extension Specialist Mackenzie Hladun says the recent moisture is helping to restore moisture levels.

"Rains that we saw this week really replenished our topsoil moisture levels across the province. Provincially, we're sitting at five per cent of cropland has surplus soil moisture levels, 76 per cent is adequate, 17 per cent of cropland is short on moisture and two per cent is very short. In our pasture hay lands it's a very similar pattern. Three per cent of pasture and hay land has excess topsoil moisture. 69 per cent has adequate topsoil moisture. 24 per cent is short and 4 per cent is very short."

This weeks crop report shows 16 per cent of the topsoil moisture conditions in the northeast is reporting surplus,  six per cent of the southwest is very short.

Hay and pasture conditions show 14 per cent of the northeast has a surplus of topsoil moisture and 10 per cent of the northwest is very short.

Some regional rainfall stats for the month of May show 69.4 millimetres fell in Estevan while 

Weyburn had 37.2, Regina had 37.1, Moose Jaw  16.9, Swift Current  26.4, and Maple Creek  46 millimetres.

The rain is putting a hold on some farmers being able to wrap up their seeding activities at this point  89 per cent of the provincial crop is in.

This week's crop report shows 97 per cent of the crop is in for the northwest, the west central has 94 per cent, the southwest 90 per cent and 80 per cent is complete in the southeast.

So far, 95 per cent of the peas are in, 94 per cent of the lentils, chickpea, and mustard crops have been seeded, and oats are at 78 per cent while 80 per cent of the flax is in.

Hladun says crop condition generally around the province is excellent to good condition.

"Spring wheat is currently rated as being in the best condition, with 27 per cent of the province's crop being excellent and 60 per cent being good. This is followed by barley at 23 per cent excellent, 65 per cent good, and peas 23 per cent excellent and 64 per cent good.  Mustard and chickpea are currently at seven per cent of the crop being excellent provincially."

She points out that generally, there is little crop damage in the province, although there have been reports of flea beetle and grasshoppers found in emerging crops. There has also been some minor flooding this week, light frosts, and some dry conditions contributing to crop damage.

Check out the complete regional crop report here.