Producers in the RM of Maple Creek got the largest shot of rain this week, and are glad for it.

Maple Creek has long been touted as cowboy country, so it should come as no surprise to hear that local cattle producers are thrilled with the rain refreshing local pastures. 

Elden Jamieson, a local rancher and Reeve for the RM of Maple Creek, is thrilled with how the rain has impacted local waterways and reservoirs. 

A shot of the swelling creek. A shot of accumulated water building up near Jamieson's residence. 

"This is gonna set us up pretty good for the short term anyway," said Jamieson. "But it's been seven years since we've had a really good year, so this is a real good start."

Jamieson pointed to how the creek had crested last night at five o'clock. Even if that doesn't fill the reservoirs, it will leave them in a very near capacity space. 

Not only will it replenish dugouts and other water bodies, but it will also give the grass the kick-start it needs for the season. Cattle herds will be able to stroll out into lush fields of the stuff, helping producers save on the cost of feed.  

The consensus that Jamieson has heard so far is that the rain is good, and the year is primed for good herds and crops. 

"Everybody's reservoirs are filling and nobody seems upset by it anyway," said Jamieson. 

As for the RM side of the line, Jamieson admitted it may wash out a few roads, though it hasn't yet. Other small bits of maintenance will be showing themselves by tomorrow once it begins to dry up. 

"Our roads will take a beating but that's just the nature of the beast," said Jamieson. "We'll darn sure know where we gotta put gravel after this is over anyway."