The 'Axe the Tax' carbon tax protests have continued, sprouting up in even more highway-centric locations.

Not only are they once again protesting at the Sask.-Alberta border, but they are also set up at the Sask.-Man. border as well. Similar, if not smaller, protests can be found on Highway 16 by Lloydminster, and even out at Chaplin on the Trans-Canada Highway between Swift Current and Moose Jaw. 

Keely Grasser, spokesperson for Sask. RCMP, clarrified that they are simply cooperating with the organizers to monitor the situation.

"Officers are working with the planners to help them exercise their right to protest in a safe, lawful, peaceful way," said Grasser.

Motorists can expect delays, as the RCMP is helping to implement slow downs adjacent to the protests. 

With this being the second consecutive day, the question of how long these protests will last has yet to be answered.

"I've been asked that before," said Grasser. "I can't speculate. What I can tell you is that will continue to work with them to assist them in making sure what they are planning is safe, peaceful, lawful."

The Highway Hotline is showing these protests and warning of delays. If anyone has plans on a tight schedule, they should check the Highway Hotline and plan for or to avoid the protests.