Various parties were gathered Friday outside the Royal Legion Branch 56 for the march to the cenotaph.

The cenotaph, which is located in Memorial Park, saw hundreds of Swift Current residents show up on Remembrance Day to honour the memory of those who have given everything to keep Canada independent and free. Amongst those in attendance were representatives from local government with Swift Current Mayor, Al Bridal, Swift Current MLA Everett Hindley, and Jeremy Patzer, MP for Cypress Hills-Grasslands. 

Of course, Royal Legion Branch 56 had a fantastic turnout of membership, conducting and leading the march. Amongst their number was John Griffin, media spokesperson for Branch 56. 

"It's great to see everyone get back into the swing of things and have it go well," praised Griffin. "Everybody remembered what they had to do and made it special."

Jon Griffin, media spokesperson for Royal Legion Branch 56Jon Griffin, media spokesperson for Royal Legion Branch 56

Others marching included members of both the Swift Current Fire Department, Hutch Ambulance Service, and the Swift Current City RCMP who were in full dress regalia. 

One of the more unique outfits that could be seen in the march was the biker cuts of the Comrades Forever Motorcycle Club. Their club members include Canadian veterans, and they have been regularly involved with honouring the fallen in Swift Current.

Cadets could also be seen, taking part as honour guards for the cenotaph, and carrying the flags in the march. 

The march, which began out front of Branch 56, was a short parade up 1st Avenue Northeast. Once they reached Memorial Park, participants were arranged around the walkways surrounding the cenotaph at the heart of the park. 

Although it was a brisk morning, chilling the crowd at around -16 C, well over a hundred people came out, perhaps even closer to 200. These stalwart Canadians watched on respectfully as the parade entered, performed and departed.

"It's great to see everybody coming out braving the cold," said Griffin. "It means a lot to veterans in our community that people take time out of their day to remember their service and sacrifices."

Remembrance Day services continued later in the day at the Swift Current Comprehensive Highschool.Remembrance Day services continued later in the day at the Swift Current Comprehensive Highschool.

As for the ceremony itself, it all started with a prayer, followed up by a few words spoken about those who served abroad during times of conflict. Then, members of the community and local agencies and organizations were invited to place the wreaths upon the base of the cenotaph. There were also two minutes of silence observed for the fallen, which included a live performance of 'The Last Post' by a local student. As the notes played, the cold and quiet mixed together to form a moment of sombre reflection. 

"The highlight, I would have to say, is this year we had a young gentleman who did 'The Last Post'," Griffin praised. "In years past we had it done through a sound system, but it was great to actually have someone willing to step up and take that on. He did an awesome job." 

After the wreaths were placed, the march departed back for Branch 56, and citizens were able to go up themselves and pay respects. 

For those who have known veterans that didn't make it home, Remembrance Day is more than a time to recall them. It's a time to reflect on their sacrifice of a peaceful life in order to preserve it for everyone else. With this ceremony, every soldier who has volunteered their life in service to Canada is honoured for that sacrifice. 

If you would like to see the ceremony yourself, but were unable to attend, you can click here to see the recorded live broadcast.