Taillight Tuesdays are officially back after last night saw a real return of the car show. 

Last week was a little wet for most car collectors, so this week saw the first real turnout of automotive enthusiasts at the Living Sky Casino. More than hot rods, old daily's, or restored racers, last night's show also included motorbikes. These two-wheeled chariots of thunder were rolling into the show in support of this month's charity, Swift Current Ride For Dad. 

Ride For Dad is a motorcycle-centric non-profit that raises money for prostate cancer, as well as riding to build awareness for the disease. Helping run the merchandise and donation table last night was Larry Carleton, ride captain for the Swift Current Ride For Dad. 

"(The Rogue Cruisers) have given us the month of May," said Carleton. "It's fairly close to our ride date, and they've asked us to come out with our trailer and some of our souvenir items to sell and promote prostate cancer awareness and research."

Since its establishment in 2013, the Swift Current Ride For Dad has brought in over $718,000 for prostate cancer research. Throughout the month of May, they will be accepting donations every Tuesday night at the Rogue Cruisers Tailight Tuesday car show. This will help to bolster their 2024 totals, especially as they approach the June 8 ride.

Outside of the motorbikes and Swift Curtain Ride for Dad, the evening saw a ton of cars. Even after last summer's car shows, this year has started off with a tonne of new faces and rides that haven't appeared previously.

For Cory Schultz, one of the co-founders of the Rogue Cruisers, the continued interest and enthusiasm for the Tuesday night automobile affair is good to see. 

"Cars I ain't even heard of before tonight," said Schultz. "You look around and you just go 'Wow, where did that car come from?'," said Schultz. 

Throughout the evening, close to 120 cars attended the annual car show. Considering this is the first real Taillight Tuesday of the year, it's a massive leap from the very first one last year which had only around 35 cars attend. 

If anyone was unable to attend the show last night, they can catch the next one and all the ones after on Tuesday night. The show begins at 6:30 p.m., with parking near where the Rogue Cruisers fly their flag in the parking lot.