Swift Current Ride for Dad had a huge turnout last night at the Living Sky Casino. 

They hosted a barbecue event in conjunction with Taillight Tuesday. From 5 o'clock till 8 o'clock, the line didn't stop as people filed in to get their $5 burger.

All the patty proceeds went to Swift Current Ride for Dad, which donates the money to prostate cancer research. For Larry Carleton, ride captain for Swift Current Ride for Dad, the time spent on the grill was well worth it as hundreds of people came out to show them genuine support. 

Larry Carleton stands in the middle of the grill, flipping burgers as fast as he can to keep up with the crowd. Larry Carleton stands in the middle of the grill, flipping burgers as fast as he can to keep up with the crowd. 

"It was something else," said Carleton. "We didn't know what to expect. People were already lined up before we had burgers ready and they just kept coming and coming."

By the time the car show began at 6:30 p.m., not only was the parking lot already nearing capacity, but the burgers were more than half gone. During the course of the evening, Ride for Dad had to go out and buy a few extra boxes of patties in order to meet demand.

At the end of their sale, they had sold close to 360 burgers. The quick math there would indicate that they brought in $1,800 on burger sales alone. 

Not only did they raise that money, but they had a good run of people purchase tickets for the prize raffle all month at Taillight Tuesdays. 

"We did very well on the raffle," said Carleton. "We've been selling the tickets all through the month of May through the partnership with Rogue Cruisers."

For the Rogue Cruisers, the partnership was one of their biggest yet. Each Taillight Tuesday has seen bikers coming to the show this year, showing support for Ride for Dad. Not only was there lots of chrome on two wheels, but plenty of cars and trucks also came to show off their pinstripes and pearlescent finishes. 

Rayce Schultz, a co-founding member of the Rogue Cruisers, continues to be amazed by just how many unique cars come out each week. 

"The whole point of this whole car club was to bring what you have and have fun while doing it," said Schultz. 

Schultz was proud of how he and his fellow Rogue Cruisers have been able to provide a space where the community can not only join in on their enthusiasm for cars but also in their love for supporting local. 

Each month this summer, Taillight Tuesdays are set to feature a local non-profit. June will feature the Swift Current SPCA, and allow people to come down, meet some friendly faces from the shelter, and make contributions either in cash or material donations. All the while, surrounded by every kind of car the Southwest has to offer. 

"If you enjoy doing car things with car people, there is no better venue in Swift Current on a Tuesday night," said Schultz.