Swift Current Ride for Dad roared its parade of motorbikes through the southwest once again this year.

Beginning in Swift Current at the Living Sky Casino, the parade featured close to 200 riders who joined in on the Swift Current tour. After they rolled up Central Avenue North, a few headed down to Eastend on a 400-kilometre tour of the countryside. 

This year, the cheque presented to Dr. Yuliang Wu was for $35,000, all of which will go towards prostate cancer research.  

Co-chair of Swift Current Ride for Dad, Mary-Lou Gates, was hard at work setting up the 7 a.m. breakfast, preparing the ride captains, and helping in a dozen other ways throughout the day. 

"We're a very small community, so we're very proud to present that to a researcher from Saskatoon," said Gates.

Over the last decade, over 2,000 different individuals have joined the Swift Current Ride for Dad. In that time, they have donated over $700,000 to prostate cancer research. 

The money presented this year is the total raised since last year. The money raised at this weekend's ride will be tallied and added to next year's donation to be made at the next Swift Current Ride for Dad. 

Gates encourages anyone who hasn't donated yet to show support for prostate cancer. As a woman, she finds the issue to be just as present in her life, if not as an immediate threat. 

"People ask me, why are you involved? You're a woman!" said Gates. "I have two sons and I have a husband. I have brothers-in-law and lots of males in my life. It affects the whole family and that's why I'm involved"

Anyone who would like to donate to the Swift Current Ride for Dad or any other local can find them on the Ride for Dad website. Once selected the donation can be made as easily as that. 

"Whichever ride you prefer to put it to, it doesn't matter," said Gates. "It's working towards the same cause, but we appreciate it if you do put it to the Swift Current Ride for Dad. 

Joining Ride for Dad the whole way through has been the Plewis Automotive Group, which was once again the presenting sponsor for the cruise. 

"Standard Motors has been with us from day one as a presenting sponsor and the Plewis Automotive Group has stuck with us since they changed their name," said Gates. "We're very proud to have them on as a sponsor."