There's quite a bit of road work being done in the southwest these days, as road work season is in full swing. 

This year, the Province of Saskatchewan aims to update over 1,000 kilometres of highways, investing a total of $776 million for 2023.

David Horth is the director of communications for the Ministry of Highways and is pretty happy with how the work is going this year in conjunction with previous years. 

"We've invested more than $12 billion since 2008," shared Horth. "We've improved 19,400 kilometres of roads all over Saskatchewan. One thing to keep in mind is it does take time to improve the highway network. It's a 26,000-kilometre asset."

Checking the highway hotline, folks can see roughly ten projects underway around Swift Current and the southwest. 

-On Highway 21 near the South Saskatchewan River, work is being done for bridge maintenance. 

-Over on Highway 32 outside Pennant, a paving project is underway that stretches for nine kilometres. 

-Highway 4 north of Swift Current has had a new culvert installed and is having 11 kilometres of shoulder patching done. 

-Highway 1 Between Swift Current and Waldeck has patches of work, including two short-span bridges being installed over the Herbert Canal, and closer to Waldeck itself, a cross-over is being made. 

-West of Rosenhof on Highway 363, there is some general road maintenance being done. 

-On Highway 343, just off Highway 4, there is another patch of maintenance taking place. 

-Highway 4 north of Val Marie folks can expect to see another bit of bridge work being done.

Folks are encouraged to always slow down where road work is being done, both to protect themselves and the crews working there. 

"We're obviously very concerned that they get through those construction zones safely," said Horth. "We're extremely concerned that the people doing the work are safe and get to go home to their families at the end of their shift."

For more information on what kind of work is being done, folks can always look to the highway hotline to see when and where work is taking place.