Local residents will be running for their lives this weekend as they participate in the 1st annual Zombie Run. 

The run is being put on by the Swift Current Special Olympics and Rachelle Foster, Chair of the Special Olympics Community Executive provides details on how the event came to be. 

"We had heard Regina had run the Zombie run a couple of years ago and I had a colleague that ran it and she said that it was really successful and it was something different and they had a really good turnout. So we thought that it would be something that we might be able to draw a crowd in to get them out and about and raise money for the Special Olympics while doing so."

The run will be taking place this Saturday, October 29th starting at the Sheldon Kennedy Rink. Participants will be able to partake in a 1K, 2K, or 5K run with the whole goal being to finish the run without getting eaten by zombies. 

Foster provides details on a special aspect of the 1K run. 

"You'll be able to walk, bike, or run. We have a 1K sensory run as well for younger children or people that have sensory sensitive needs that aren't going to want to be included in a 5K run where there might be too much for them. Any distances, whatever you feel that you are able to do and however you think you can do it."

In addition, Foster adds that all funds raised through this local initiative go towards making sure they can run sports that are at a cost-effective point for people that have disabilities. She says they have a group of athletes that come out and are involved in every sport including swimming, floor hockey, curling, and basketball and these are all provided by local volunteers that come out and provide coaching opportunities for them. 

The 1K race beings at 5:30pm, followed by the 2K at 5:45pm and finally the 5K at 5:55pm. There will also be prizes for participants in costumes and for the top three finishers. 

Those interested in registering can do so here or they can register the day of the event.