SARM president Ray Orb sees the legislation as a tool to help Saskatchewan residents especially those in rural areas insulate themselves from misguided federal policies.

SARM members are concerned these are ineffective and politically motivated infringements on the rights and freedoms of farmers, ranchers, and all law-abiding recreational firearm users.

Orb notes SARM is a strong advocate for responsible and safe firearm ownership. 

"The provincial plan is more practical and is more in line with the needs of rural Saskatchewan. Establishing Saskatchewan-based criteria for responsible firearms ownership is much preferred over the federal government setting the requirements."

The province introduced The Saskatchewan Firearms Act on December 1, 2022, to protect the rights of lawful firearms owners.

It says the act will establish licensing requirements for businesses or individuals involved in firearms expropriation; require and oversee fair compensation for any firearms being seized; and require forensic and ballistic testing of seized firearms.

With that in mind, the province announced $3.2 million to begin the development of several firearms initiatives.

Initiatives like establishing a Saskatchewan Firearms Ballistics Lab to support police services and provide timely access to Saskatchewan-based ballistics and firearms expertise; and establishing a Firearms Compensation Committee to determine the fair market value of any firearms, ammunition and related accessories being expropriated by the federal government.

The act also establishes a provincial firearms regulatory system that will promote the safe and responsible use of firearms.

The legislation will be primarily administered by the Saskatchewan Firearms Office (SFO) with the office taking on an expanded role in prosecuting non-violent regulatory firearms offences.

Orb notes the Saskatchewan Firearms Office is a great resource to promote firearm safety messages and support ongoing safety and education initiatives.