A flag donning the SaskAbilities insignia was raised today at Market Square, with a sizable crowd to appreciate the significance of the action.

This flag raising is to kick off SaskAbilities Awareness Week, which is about giving credit to all of the hard work and dedication of support workers who help people with disabilities. The efforts of these individuals provide those who deal with cognitive and physical challenges with opportunities to live a more comfortable and fulfilling life. 

Ryan Switzer, acting deputy mayor and city councillor attended the event as the representative of the City of Swift Current. He made the opening remarks addressing the constructive nature of the flag raising.

"Any opportunity to celebrate inclusion and diversity is a good thing," said Switzer. "SaskAbilities has done phenomenal work over the past few decades in making sure people of all abilities have the opportunity to contribute to this great community."

The community relations coordinator for SaskAbilities, Jenny Dyck, spoke at the ceremony and will also be at tonight’s city council meeting for its Awareness Week.

This week is the perfect time to thank workers of SaskAbilities for providing necessary services to the community and persons with disabilities alike.

The city council will officially recognize the Awareness Week tonight with a proclamation.

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