Protecting Poppies popped up at the Throne Speech last week. 

The poppy, which is a symbolic gesture worn by many Canadians in honour of veterans, is set to become a protected right in the Land of Living Skies. 

Saskatchewan is looking to implement The Saskatchewan Remembrance Day Observance Act, which would see workers legally protected when choosing to wear a poppy in the workplace. 

The reason behind this policy being developed is that the Saskatchewan government claims to have received a number of letters outlining workplaces banning the poppy from being worn at their facilities, or while on the job. 

Swift Current MLA, Everett Hindley, shares what he knew about this situation. 

"Some of the other MLAs we're talking about this that there were some businesses in the province where they were preventing people from wearing poppies," said Hindley. "That was being brought to our attention as legislators."

While they have not disclosed these letters or the businesses within them, they have proceeded with the new act. 

The goal is to protect an individual's choice to wear a poppy. Should any choose to wear one, they will have that right to do so, without worrying about violating a particular employer's uniform policy or preferences. 

"We just feel that it's important to ensure that the people do have that right protected," said Hindley. "To be able to wear a poppy, regardless of where they work in Saskatchewan."

The exact date of implementation has not been issued yet, and no consequences have been laid out for employers breaking this new act. 


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