Even in the deep cold of the arctic temperatures Saskatchewan got in mid-January, SaskEnergy made sure the heat stayed on. 

It was producing so much heat via natural gas supply, a new record was set for daily natural gas usage. 

Demand peaked on January 12, with natural gas consumption running at a rate of 1.7 petajoules per day (PJ/d). 

This beat the old record by 0.05 PJ/d. 

Dustin Duncan, the minister responsible for SaskEnergy, said the following in a press release. 

"Natural gas is essential for Saskatchewan residents as we heat our homes and businesses during the coldest days of winter," said Dustin Duncan, Minister Responsible for SaskEnergy. "As a result of our government’s decision to remove the carbon tax from home heating, Saskatchewan families saved over $1M per day during the coldest weekend of this season."

In fact, demand was so high that the next two days, January 13 and 14, also broke the old 1.65 PJ/d record, bringing in rates of 1.68 and 1.66 PJ/d respectively. 

Mark Guillet, president and CEO of SaskEnergy, expected something like this might happen, as it's the colder months that see the most demand. 

"At SaskEnergy, we anticipate higher usage of natural gas in the colder periods of the year," said Guillet. "With a 99.998 per cent reliability, our system is designed with inventory and capacity to safely provide natural gas to our customers 24 hours a day."