A young business starter has just been recognized at the SCBEX Award Ceremony with the Emerging Entrepreneur Award. 

Haubie Yard Maintenance and Landscaping is a recently emerged company which has seen steady growth over the past two years, thanks to the founders’ tireless efforts. The award was presented due to the impressive progression that the small business has undergone since its conception.  

19-year-old Kai Haubrich, the co-owner and co-founder of the company, received the award gratefully. 

“Feels good to get recognized for something that you work hard for,” expressed Haubrich. “Just came out of high school not knowing what was going to happen, and it turned out better than expected. So that's a win.” 

Haubrich started this business when he was 17 and is proud to call his brother the co-founder and co-owner. Since then, Haubrich has amassed quite the infrastructure, including four work trucks, a skid-steer, a tractor, and a plethora of other landscaping implements. He also employs three to five workers, depending on the jobs lined up. 

“Our work speaks for itself and then word of mouth works the best,” stated Haubrich. “I like the summer stuff more myself because you get to work with people and make their yards look a lot nicer and in snow removal, you just clean it and make sure they're not tripping.” 

His services reach quite the area, as they advertise to help anywhere that they can drive within an hour and a half of Swift Current. 

“Just find something you like,” said Haubrich. “Stick with it and work hard and be a good person. Help out the people around you and also just the public in general. When you're working with people, always be straightforward with them and it usually works out good...I like working with people, making customers happy, and bringing their dreams to reality in their backyards.” 

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