Last Saturday at the Eagles Hall, the Swift Current Wildlife Federation dolled out awards for 2023, with some major record breakers in the roster. 

Not only did the awards cover the accomplishments of 2023, but the previous year as well. This double award banquet was full of conservationists, as they shared stories from their adventures in the field. 

Awards for angling, hunting, photography, and other wildlife-centric exploits filled the evening. One of the men accepting an award was Jeff Jansen, who just so happens to be the awards and recognition committee head for the SCWLF. His ward was for a typical whitetail that went .166 and one-eighth.  

"We had 2022 and 2023 done because last year it didn't happen," said Jansen. "This year we had a lot of awards, a lot of juniors won awards, and it went off very well."

A total of 42 plaques were given out, about a third of which went to juniors. 

These youths are the future of local conservation. The goal of including them so presently at this age in the wards is to encourage a fondness for their achievements from the start. The work they do out in the field, helping to ensure that wildlife is maintained and looked after, is crucial to the future of the SCWLF. For this reason, they strive to foster their love of conservation at every opportunity. 

"That's the most important reason we have it," said Jansen. "So that kids grow up and they want to be out fishing and want to be conservationists."

Jansen highlighted four individuals and their awards. For 2022, Fred Wall for the biggest on typical mule deer, scoring 205 and zero-eighths. Amber Wiskar shot a typical mule deer that scored scoring 188 and zero-eighths. Jansen's award again was a highlight, followed lastly by Jared Lutke's typical mule deer which scored 176 and two-eighths. 

All of these were awarded and honoured for the fact they made it into the Henry Kelsey Saskatchewan Record Book. 

If anyone would like to be included in the next round of awards, they will need to buy a membership and register before August 31. 

" Anyone can buy a membership," said Jansen. "And we encourage everyone to get a membership."