Penny McCune has been appointed as the new incoming President and CEO of SGI effective June 1st. 

McCune has been with the company for 36 years and says from the day she started as a junior clerk she never imagined becoming president one day. 

"Basically from the day I started as a junior clerk, I never imagined that I would become president one day but I think it was just that I never said no to opportunities and SGI has a great variety of opportunities with two distinct companies so even though I have stayed with the same company for 36 years it really has felt like I have had very different and distinct responsibilities."

McCune started with the company in 1985 straight out of university as a junior clerk. She then spent some time in North Battleford as an accounting clerk in the salvage branch. She then came back and worked in multiple divisions with a consistent progression in responsibilities, eventually getting into management and then senior management. 

She details one of her main focus areas as she takes on this new position. 

"Number one we always focus on the customer and with customer expectations changing so much we need to transform how we do business to use digital capabilities and use data more frequently to really tailor our products and services to our customers."

McCune says another focus will be on empowering employees to make decisions and help customers in a timely and flexible manner as well as engage them in solutions and listen to their perspectives. 

In terms of what she herself can bring to the role, McCune says she has a lot of knowledge about the company as she has been in every division except for two so she has a lot of experience in a variety of areas. She also knows how important it is as a crown corporation to support the government and people of Saskatchewan and she adds that in everything they do they are always looking at how to work together and how to benefit Saskatchewan and their customers. 

In addition, because she has worked in so many different places, McCune says she has a strong network within the company and outside including private sector partners, stakeholders, and community associations. 

McCune says she really cares about the company, she cares about making a difference for the company and the people of Saskatchewan.