A motion passed last week during the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) Convention could expand the usage of golf carts on roads.

The small four-wheel motorized vehicles are currently only permitted in municipalities with specific bylaws for transportation to and from golf courses during the daytime.

"Drivers must access the course using the most direct route and there are some other requirements as well," SGI Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy said.  

Golf cart owners using roads must carry $200,000 in third-party liability insurance and have at least a Class 7 or learner's permit.

The changes asked for by the majority of municipalities will provide more freedom for golf cart owners.

"Our goal is to strike a balance between safety and the ability for residents to use a smaller, less expensive, quieter, lower emission, alternative form of transportation."

The overall framework of the pilot project is still being worked out by SGI but could look somewhat similar to what's already in place.

"We're currently examining what changes we could make to SGI policies that would enable this to be put in place," he said. "We also have to look at what the best practices that we could put into place that would keep safety in mind but allow a bit more flexibility for people who may want to use a golf cart to visit a neighbour or a store."

No exact timeline is in place at the moment from SGI on when they may roll out the pilot project. Once it launches each municipality will have to create their bylaws.

"The bylaw would have to be approved by SGI or at least that's currently the case and I wouldn't expect that's going to change," he said.